Flat Roof Specialist

Britt’s Roofing extends the good working life of your flat roof with regular preventive maintenance and any needed repairs. Because flat roofs have specific drainage issues, we strongly suggest periodic flat roof inspections typically twice per year in the fall and spring. Inspections pay off handsomely for flat roofs more than other types because minor issues noticed early can be remedied before they have time (it doesn’t take long!) to develop into major problems that threaten your home’s structure.

Britt checks your flat roof and makes any repairs necessary to keep it in tip-top shape. We repair chimney crowns, tuck-point mortar joints, secure flashings, replace rotted fascia and soffits, assess drainage issues and ponding problems along with anything else that just doesn’t look right up there. Whether it’s torch-down or an overdue coating of aluminum asphalt, white elastomeric, or liquid rubber coating, Britt does what’s best to extend the durability and longer life of your flat roof. One call to Britt and your worries are over for good!