Get Your Roof Repaired by a Class A Licensed Contractor

Whether it’s a leak, squirrels attacking your rake boards, weighty snow drifts mounting or any other unhappy roof surprise, call Britt’s Roofing, a Class A Licensed Contractor to resolve these issues right away.

Your roof is the first line of defense non-stop against all kinds of wild weather, critters, creeping vegetation and even extreme temperature all year round. It takes a beating to protect your home and everything in it so, naturally, your roof needs a little help from time to time.

Our specialty is restoration of Antique roofs, Repair and Maintenance of Copper, Tin, Slate, all Flat roofs, Paint and Coatings. Roof replacement is not on our list-it’s too expensive when maintenance and repair of these long-lived roofs is much preferred. Problem is, general roofing companies don’t have the specific skills and expertise to repair Copper, Tin and Slate so they want to sell you a new roof.

Before that happens, call us first! Don’t lose that valuable Copper roof to buy some new shingle roof that has only a tiny fraction of roof life compared to what you had if only you repaired it instead. We repair and maintain your historic roof to keep it in good working order year after year. If you’re concerned about your roof for any reason at all, give Britt a call! Like our many happy customers, you’ll be so glad you did!

Men working on a roof
Roofing Repair