Effective Roof Maintenance Tips

Flat Roofing Maintenance

The Payoff is Big!

Flat or sloped, your roof needs regular upkeep. Call Britt to inspect your roof twice every year in the fall and spring to catch any little problems before they literally bring the house down!
That sounds severe but it’s really true. Your roof is the first line of defense against all weather, critters and even vegetation. That old saying meant something, “If you don’t have a roof, you don’t have a structure!”

Do-it-yourself home maintenance is a great accomplishment but always leave the roof to a Class A Licensed Contractor like Britt’s Roofing. Not only is roof climbing quite dangerous, it takes a trained eye to spot the hazards and even more skill to then remedy the situation efficiently and effectively. If the homeowner feels adventurous, cleaning gutters is a good mission and it really supports your roof’s performance to keep those drainage routes clear.
Britt’s Roofing enjoys a long-standing reputation for repairing and extending the life of historic roofs in the Old Town Alexandria neighborhoods since 1985. With proper maintenance, Britt will make sure that your roof protects your home for many happy years.